Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bricking It

Two of the remaining jobs have been ticked off.

The window cills have been stuck on now and I've added the brick courses which show below the render line.

This is another reason why I raise the houses up on a substantial foundation.

Not only does it allow us to sink the building into position on the layout we also need to have a surface behind the main walls to stick the brick pattern styrene onto.

To look correct the render must stand proud of the brickwork and this is achieved on the model by having the walls made of 60 thou styrene while the embossed brick sheet is only half the thickness.

An interesting feature on this house is how the land will have to fall away at the side of the garage where the line of the brickwork shows the change in level,

At the front there is a raised platform in front of the garage and there will be steps leading down to the door.

Although with the front being hidden from the public viewing side it's only going to be the operators who will usually see all this,

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