Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Long House

Being a bungalow what you notice first about the pieces of this house - the last of the ones I'm building - is how long and thin the main front and back sections look.

You may be wondering why there's a huge rectangle cut out of the side of one of them it's because that is where the section with the stone cladding will go.

In the last post I described how I had set the windows much further back, and that is the reason for the cut out, so that the back of the windows can poke through the hole and it can fit neatly on top of the main section of the wall behind making it look like the stone cladding has been added to an existing wall.

I'll be taking particular care with this bungalow because I know progress will be monitored closely.

The owners have family links to the FR and they've come along and seen Bron Hebog when we've exhibited the layout in the goods shed at Dinas on a couple of occasions and taken a close interest in the development of the estate scene and I know they've been looking forward to seeing their house modelled.

I hope we can do it justice.

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