Friday, 23 February 2018

Another Obs

I can't put it off any longer, I have decided I'm going to have to begin work on a model of 152.

(My reluctance is on account of the fact that these are very complicated carriages to build)

I'm able to re-use most of the moulds I made for 150 so while I had the resin out for making the lamp holders for 19 I decided to cast a set.

The only major alteration on this carriage is that the front needs to have a very subtle curve on it.

So what I've done for that is very gently reshape the master I used for 150 - which was a composite piece with a brass backing and styrene moulding detail on the front - and I'm going to make a fresh mould from that.

It's not in the shot above because it's currently sitting in a bath of gooey RTV silicone rubber - I'll post a before and after pic once I've taken a casting from it.

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