Monday, 6 August 2018

BZ Together

I've been gluing the first set of castings for the BZ wagon together.

All went very smoothly.

The crucial thing with a wagon with different ends is that you get them on the correct end of the chassis - this is because the vac cylinder and reservoir are on different sides beneath the chassis.

In the picture above you can see the slanted struts which I added in styrene.

I fix both the end pieces on first and check they're sitting centrally and vertical before adding the side pieces.

These days my adhesive of choice for working with these resin kits is 60 second superglue - you get a decent amount of adjustment time without the long wait - and the risk of slippage - which comes with even the most rapid two part epoxy.

I think I shall set this to one side now and start work on the masters for the other type of BZ wagon, which looks a lot less straightforward.

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