Monday, 29 October 2018


With the tap needed to fit the cranks still not arrived Himself has been continuing with work on the body of NGG16 143.

Working backwards from the front power bogie he has begun to assemble the boiler unit.

All the window details have been added onto the cab and a small alternation to the pivot point of the rear bogie has been made - as we do on all our Garratts - to let it bend a little bit more on the tightest corners.

The front water tank it looking pretty much complete.

It's had the wrapper - with all the rivets rubbed off - fitted, and he's also extended the cut out section at the rear to make it a more accurate representation of 143.

The doors on the top of the tank, giving access to the filling hole, are made from styrene.

He's still got to add the lifting eyes in each corner and we'll be fitting our 143 with it's big, sexy lamp on the front rather than the silly little SAR headlights.

As well as that he's also made the first folds on the footplate of the rear power bogie.

Looking very good so far, don't you think?

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