Wednesday, 17 October 2018

The Fourth Garratt

Himself has officially begun work on our fourth NGG16 - this one will be 143.

He tells me that he's taking it slowly and doing his very best work on it, but to me the progress looks very impressive already.

The front power unit has had its running plate folded and the buffer beam overlay and cow-catcher fitted, which involves a lot of very careful bending and a good deal or rivet pressing-out.

The picture below shows the chassis mainframes with the springs and equalising beams fitted along with the brake pull rods soldered into place.

The next step with this will be to fold them and fit the gearbox and axles.

I imagine there's a lot of re-learning and refreshing of memories going on for him as it's been four years since he completed our most recent Garratt, which was finished as 138.

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