Friday, 14 February 2020

Let’s Put This Van Into Action

Its been taken much longer than I would have liked but I’ve decided the time has come to start taking orders for castings for FR infrastructure Van 51.

The kit is designed to run on the Dundas FR quarryman's carriage chassis - as is the real thing - which is available as a separate unit from Dundas Models.

I had hoped to provide a bespoke etch for the handrail on the balcony but this has not been possible to arrange yet, but I’m going to go ahead with offering the body casting anyway.

What you get with the kit is the four sides of the main body, a floor which locates a cut-back Quarrymans chassis, a balcony steps casting and a casting to help you form a styrene roof skin (but there is nothing to stop you using brass if you wish.)

I’m offering these castings for £25 + postage - please email us at the Boston Largs Works address if you would like to place an order.

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