Monday, 6 June 2016

Parlor Game

Quite frequently I find my attention diverted to a wish list of carriages I would like to get around to making models of.

Around ten years ago this carriage might have featured quite heavily.

Once it left the FR for its permanent home on owner Adrian Shooter's private railway my fever faded and it was relegated from my Fantasy Ffestiniog league table.

Since it returned this year for an extended stay in Wales, however, it has been appearing in my modelling daydreams once more.

The body sides and the ornate interior would be an interesting challenge but the big question is whether I could summon the talent and the technique required to tackle that clerestory roof?

How would you go about it?


  1. Build the clerestory section out of solid clear plastic and layer the frame on to the sides out of styrene.

  2. It was more the complex curve profile of the lower part if the roof at either end which was bothering me more.

  3. Draw it in cad then get it cut in cnc/3d printed