Monday, 20 June 2016

Late Alterations

Whilst Himself was on holiday I sneaked into his study and liberated the Disco Car from the workbench in its half-painted state.

You may remember from a couple of weeks ago that I discovered that deep within his pile of research photographs was the perfect close-up picture of an end of 121 showing exactly what cables were dangling where.

Unfortunately this was only after I had 'finished' the model and some of those details had been added on a best guess from some very poor resolution images.

So what I had put on the left hand side was, as far as I could tell, a sort of disconnected, upright pipe arrangement.

The trouble is having seen this photograph in his study I find it very difficult to unsee incorrect details like this and so even though he was already well into the process of painting it I felt morally obliged to try and fix it, even if it means making a mess of what's already there.

Now, at least, there is some sort of cable hanging there, even if it isn't a tightly spiralled one like the real thing.

With a lick of black paint no one will know it was never there before.

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