Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Last Of The Big Spenders

I invested a small fortune in glue the other day.

A whole £6 on one tube!

I needed to go and lie down after that.

(I blame a glimpse of sunshine after a wet weekend.)

The reason is that I've been looking around for something to fit together resin components that offers the solid bond of regular 'Super Glue' and yet allows for some adjustment, but doesn't take at least half an hour to set like the alleged 5 minute epoxy I used last time.

Last year I did come across a gel 'Super Glue' that did just that but I was unable to find it in any of my local hardware stores.

Instead I found this, an apparently 'new' product - hmmmm - which promises 1 minute of wiggle room but with a brand name which suggests it will stick like sugar to a blanket.

Well, we shall see.

I shall report back on my findings.

1 comment:

  1. Have you tried the build Base superglue from tools ration? Cheap and choice of quick or slow set I find they work well