Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Spot The Difference

Once again 'Waller's Law' - which states that no two FR carriages are identical - has been proven to be true.

I have found the difference between Superbarns 119 and 117, but I had to do it the hard way.

The prospect of a couple of hours modelling time over the weekend was the perfect opportunity to tackle one of the jobs which requires a lot of concentration and, ideally, no interruptions: bending and fitting the truss rods.

I've been expecting to be caught out ever since someone - who should know better - told me the two latest carriages (117 & 118) would be identical - that was the word he used - to the previous one (119).

And in most respects this appears to be the case, but if you stare closely at underframes, as I do (that's underframes) then you'll see that 117 is a new hybrid Superbarn.

The truss rods, in terms of the point at which they disappear behind the frame, are the same as the first series (103, 121 & 108) but the design and position of the supporting posts is the same as 119.

As you can see in this photo below.

I didn't realise this, alas, until I had spent an evening making up a set the same as 119 with the ends of the rods staying below the frame and being anchored in boxes at either end.

So I had to spend some of the following afternoon ripping off the old ones, re-bending them, drilling yet more holes in the floor and fitting them.

And now a well-placed source tells me that 118 is going to be different again.

As the kids say these days: Sake!

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