Thursday, 30 June 2016


Himself returned from holiday last week to an unwelcome surprise.

It turns out that a layout which has seen 25 years on the road at exhibitions, many months in storage and a 400 mile migration to the other end of the country cannot survive 10 days with a home alone cat!

Not only has the moggy demolished the Up home signal he's also left a generous covering of fur all over the layout and, as you might be able to imagine, cat hair on flock and scatter sticks in much the same way as Velcro.

The local farmer is also going to be submitting a claim for compensation, no doubt.

Why was the cat anywhere near the layout, you ask?

Unfortunately the new premises have a major architectural flaw in that the cat flap is in one of the garage doors, so he has to have access 24/7 as a through-route for when nature calls.

Here is a snap of the culprit looking all innocent, by the way.

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