Thursday, 16 June 2016

Allocated Seating

I haven't had much time to progress my latest Superbarn carriage since I last posted about it but I did have a spare hour last night to clean up and assemble the castings for the interior.

I always used to find assembling the seats and tables from scratch each time a bit of a bind, unless it was one of the more unusual carriages, so I've been very pleased that I hit on the idea of casting a combined seat and table unit which can be arranged together in multiple to fit out a carriage in half the time.

The units at each end have to be chopped in half to fit but that's the only alteration which is required.

I'll admit it's not the most finescale solution, looking more like something you'd find in a Triang carriage from the 1960's, but once it's in place inside the model and running on the layout you really can't tell the difference.

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