Friday, 15 February 2013

Pullman Perfection?

These may be the best models we have yet built.

They are a pair of WHR Pullman carriages scratch built from styrene in 7mm scale.

It's been a long term project which has taken around 18 months from the first cut of plastic to the handover to the client.

Himself lent a hand with painting and lining of the completed carriages.

Comments and observations welcome...


  1. I just have one word to say: stunning!

  2. Totally agree stunning! This has inspired me to get to work on a 7mm Barn using you guide for coach building. Keep on going how about building a layout too 7mm 0-14.

  3. Very Nice !!!!! Wish I could afford models like that for my layout

  4. Sublime!!
    Any chance of offering them as kits ?

  5. Fabulous - I saw them at Narrow Gauge North and most impressed. I am building three Winson carriages to compliment them - only hope they are as good - see them all together at Burton at 7mm NGA convention