Saturday, 9 February 2013

Baby Steps

I cast two B wagon kits the other day.

Now, that may not sound very impressive on first reading, but taking into account there's a one week old baby in the household I think that's not a bad effort at all.

It might be that resin casting is the perfect form of infant-friendly modelling because the processes can be divided up into elements lasting no longer than 2 minutes a time, and even the stroppiest baby, and the most highly-stressed parent, can manage to wait a hundred seconds or so for the cause of the present distress to be addressed.

Once the two resin fluids are combined you mix them for 30 seconds and only have another 90 seconds or so to pour them into the mould before it begins to take on a syrup-like consistency. Then they can be left for around half an hour, or as long as you wish beyond that, before de-moulding and repeating the process whenever Junior next allows you 120 seconds free time!

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  1. Congratulations (on the baby, and on being able to make something).