Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pic Of The Week 7

The FR has had some exotic visitors over the last decade and they're great fun to model.

'The Darj' - Adrian Shooter's privately owned B Class tank - is one of our favourites and Himself did a lovely job with this Backwoods Miniatures kit which runs like a sewing machine.

It's not a model of number 19 as such, because the vertically-blessed Mr Shooter has raised the height of the cab and added a tender to his engine.

But we do have representations of the two replica carriages built at Boston Lodge to run with the loco on his full size garden railway. They were made from Worsley Works scratch-aid kits.

This is another of the frames from Chris Nevard's shoot where I think you have to look twice to be sure that it's a photograph of a model. It is a beautiful shot indeed.


  1. I like the hi-vis jackets on the figures. A small detail but one that really sets the era as something I can relate too.

  2. Number 19B is also missing the rails from the coal bunker, only adding to its odd appearance.