Sunday, 3 February 2013

Problems With Pipework

Himself is unhappy - our modelling is getting too life-like.

The cause of his distress is that after 20 years of 009 carriage building I have started to take on the habits of the real Boston Lodge craftsmen and never make anything the same way twice.

This he discovered while adding the vac pipes and other brass details to out latest carriage 121.

It turns out that I have built it differently to the first Superbarn 103.

On 103 the false frame and the footsteps beneath the doors were attached to the floor / chassis unit which fits up inside the body.

With 121 I bonded these details onto the bottom of the bodyshell, which has caused difficulties in attaching the brake pipe.

If it is stuck onto the bodyshell then it will prevent the chassis being removed.  But there was nowhere on the chassis to attach it.

After much cursing of my name, no doubt, here is the solution he came up with - note the extra blocks on the bogie bolsters...

I have also been ticked off for having made the truss rods and posts they sit on too low so the carriage would have fouled the track. These have been duly shortened along with the crank on the pretend brake cylinder.


He has also added the gutter pipes at each end and the whole carriage is looking pretty good now despite all the booby-traps I appear to have built into it.

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