Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Bogie Man

A new delivery arrived from Narrow Planet this week - the Bettendorf bogie etches for the dozens of B wagon kits that have left my order book bulging.

I wasted little time in turning one of them into a master for the bogie detail castings.

My plan for the Bettendorfs is a little different to the Diamond Frame bogies I produced for the DZ wagons.

With the DF's I cast the axleboxes and the centre springs to be glued on separately, but what I'm hoping to do with the Bettendorfs is produce a single casting which copies the full bogie side to be glued in place over the brass.

The theory is that this will replicate the chunky look of the real cast bogie design.

One of the main differences, which you might be able to see in the picture, is that there is a nest of 3 springs in the centre of the bogie as opposed to one single larger on on the Diamond Frame.

I modelled this by chopping up and filing down some 10BA bolts. (On the DZ I used just one, larger, 8BA bolt)

I've now poured the RTV mix over this master so I won't have long to wait to discover if this method is going to work.

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