Friday, 25 March 2011

Birth Of Another Barn

Not another Barn! Don't you make anything else? That's what can hear you all saying.

Yes, I'm afraid so. Boring this blog, isn't it?

This time its FR 106 (V.2002) which was a total scrapping / rebuild of the original 1960's bodywork and set in train the new generation of FR Barns such as 107, 102, 100, 124 and the Super-Barns 103 and 121.

Here are the component parts ready for assembly into a bodyshell..

And with a basic floor and roof structure keeping it all nice and square...

This model is for keeps. It is a replacement for our existing 106 which is modeled with the original bodywork and in the 1980's all-over red livery, and so not really suitable for using on the 21st Century Bron Hebog.

Incidentaly, in an idle moment the other day, I was totting up how many Barns I've built over the last 20 years, and it's rather a lot.

2 x 100 (original condition) 1 of them is now rebuilt / repainted as the WHR mess coach 1000

2 x new 100 - one for me and one for a client

2 x 101 - a second model was built to replace the my first ever scratchbuilt carriage.

2 x 102 - one for me, one for a client

2 x 103 (buffet car) in original and 1990's rebuilt condition

2 x 104 - again, a replacement for a dodgy early scratchbuild

4 x 105 - 1 dodgy early example, a second in red, another with a toilet for me and a fourth for a client

3 x 106

1 x 107

That's 20 Barns, and that's not including the models of 124 and Super-Barn 103.

Am I alone in spending two decades making the same models over and over again??

And before long I'll be making this one...

If it looks familiar it's because it is. It is old Observation Carr 101 which has been rebuilt and turned 180 degrees for a new life as a third class, Bleanau-facing Observation Carr with proper wheelchair access. In true FR style it's gained a new number, 123.

It will soon become my third 101 and my 21st Barn.

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