Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Joy Of Lyd

I've been waiting a wee while to write that headline!

Himself has been busy with the business end of our Backwoods Manning Wardle, and it's not been a wholly joyful experience so far.

He reports that the valve gear has been fitted and is working one side, although it did fall apart once! He also had to ask Backwoods Miniatures for a new set of cranks as he could not get rid of a bind on one side.

Here it is with the valve gear in place.

And here's a shot of the joy valve gear assembly itself..

I think perhaps Himself is being too hard on himself. Some other esteemed 009 modelers consider the Joy valve gear to be all but impossible to assemble and build their models with a simplified version.

It's also worth recording the great customer service we have always experienced from Pete McParlin of Backwoods Miniatures. As mentioned above, we've always found him willing to help out when customers have a major c*ck up assembling one of hits beautiful and intricate kits.

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  1. I agree about Backwoods. The kits are generally great, although you do have to pay attention. The design of the etched parts is good, although and Pete has always been helpful when I've spoken to him at shows. Only lack of time and money stops me buying and building most of the range !