Monday, 26 September 2011

More Brassy Bits

The final 10% of a carriage build always seems to take much longer than it should.

There are lots of fiddly details to be finished off such as the grab handles beside the doorways.

The vacuum pipes are usually a challenge because of the way I build my carriages with a removable floor. The hose is attached to the bodyside but the pipe run is routed beside the frame which is part of the chassis/floor unit, so I have to make the joins as subtle and unobtrusive as I can.

These pictures below show how I've done it on 100.

As well as these brassy bits the roof has to be fixed in place and the glazing measured and cut - which on these first generation 'Barns' includes scratching the window louvres.

All being well I may have some pictures to post of the 'finished' carriage (minus paint) on Friday.

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