Monday, 5 September 2011

What A Whopper!

I've started work on a 7mm scale model of the original FR observation 'Barn' 100.

I'm approaching it as an enlarged 009 model, using the same styrene technique I employ on my 4mm carriages, only a bit bigger.

This much bigger, in fact....

Somehow it's always a bit of a shock to see how much larger a 7mm scale model is than a 4mm counterpart. In the shot above is the first of the sides for 100 and spare 009 coach side I have kicking about in the bits box.

Because 4 is more than half of 7 I suppose I think that a 7mm model will look less than half as big as the 009 one, but of course the enlargement is in all dimensions - length , height & width etc - so the actual space it takes up is much more than a little less than double.

(That was quite a complicated way of putting something that someone with better maths skills than I would express in a short and simple equation.)

Just so you know, I'm using 30" styrene for this base layer and the detailing will be done in 20". That's 50% & 33% thicker, respectively, than the sheet and strip I used on a 009 carriage.

It's the first 7mm carriage I've built so hopefully I've guessed right on those sizes and it will be rigid enough.

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  1. H0 (3.5mm/ft) is half-0 scale, but the carriage side will be FOUR times the area in 7mm scale (twice length x twice height) and the volume of the 7mm scale model will be EIGHT times that of the H0 model.

    Of course 4mm scale is not quite half, but that is easier to explain with a factor of 1/2 than 4/7 ... anyway, I think it explains why 7mm scale seems so much bigger than 4mm scale than the ruler suggests, as we see it in three dimensions!