Friday, 16 September 2011

Obs Update

The 7mm observation carriage has reached that very gratifying moment where everything comes together in a rush and you feel like you've taken a huge stride forward with the project. For me it comes when the four sides and ends are bonded together and you finally have something that looks like a carriage body.

Because I'm obsessed with the size difference to OO9 here's a shot of it posed next to my 4mm 'super-barn' 103...

I'm finding that I'm really enjoying working in a much larger scale. Not because I struggle to see the detail or with the fine motor skills on the smaller models, but because it's very satisfying to have a model that is big and solid enough to grab rather than hold delicately with the tips of your fingers.

On the other hand if I were ever to switch scales - and this is a purely hypothetical point - I think I would be frustrated by not being able to model trains in the landscape in the way you can in 4mm, unless you have a enormous space available for your layout, of course.

Anyway, here's a picture with the floor and the base of the roof in place.

The next job is form the roof skin and the dome.

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