Monday, 20 January 2014

Readers Letters

It's always nice to read the comments you leave on the blog.

No, really, it is. We've been doing this for a couple of years now and haven't yet been attacked by any narrow gauge trolls (if such things exist) although web crawlers and bots are another matter..

Anyhow, the purpose of this post is to reply to a comment left by Metroman a few days ago who asked whether our latest Backwoods NGG16 kit is one of the current ones with plastic crank bushes.

I have received word back from Himself who tells me it is, and has supplied photographic evidence to prove the point.

However, he tells me that he has tinkered with the kit because he's not happy with the security of the cranks on the axle ends, so has reverted to soldering them into place on one side as he has done with our existing pair of Garratts.

He does point out that once you have reamed out the cranks to accept plastic bushes you lose the option of soldering them on unless you ask Pete very, very nicely, for some new cranks.

I trust that answers Metroman's question adequately.


  1. Hi Rob.

    Thanks for the reply to my comment. My kit also has the plastic bushes but I have not quite reached the crank fitting stage. I have read Rene Vinks 'Garrettfan' site and noticed he used 5 minute epoxy to fix his cranks on his NGG16. I have soldered the cranks on my Russell kit, but will use the plastic bushes as my loco will not see intense use once finished.

    Nigel (aka Metroman)

  2. Rob,

    You and your dad are very talented/competent model builders... I always enjoy reading your blog, thanks for keeping it up to date.