Monday, 6 January 2014

On the Twelfth Day Of Christmas...

....Himself sent to me.

An almost-finished We-elsh Po-ny.

(Try singing it!)

It looks pretty impressive, doesn't it! Although all it not what it seems - various parts (such as the cab roof)  are only placed in position and there are other things to alter, such as making the dome wonky! And the mount for the nameplate at the front of the saddle tank as well,

If you've been following the build on this blog then you'll know that it's been an absolute swine to assemble and motorise, but you cannot deny that this Mercian Models kit does make a very convincing representation of my favourite breed of FR locomotive.

Himself tells me there is a little bit of attention needed to the chassis because at least of the one wheels revolves with a distinct wobble so he's going to have to attempt some improvised tyre turning with the chassis running, because he is not about to disassemble the motion and attempt to remove the wheel and turn it on a lathe.

The model is also likely to spent a couple of years in primer because we will wait until the real Welsh Pony is restored to steam to be certain of the correct livery.

Remember the Golden Rule of modelling. Never - ever - second-guess the FR!


  1. "Remember the Golden Rule of modelling. Never - ever - second-guess the FR!"

    I can second that. Sometimes, even staff don't know what they are doing until the last minute!

  2. How about BR Blue with the arrow of indecision just like the Vale of Rheidol ran for many years. That would cause some interest on the layout!