Sunday, 26 January 2014

Water Tank & Wiggly Bits

So, it appears the secret is out.

Our latest NGG16 will be a model of 138 as running around on the WHR currently in lined red livery, coal-fired with the big single headlamps.

An eagle-eyed reader noticed the filenames of the photographs on the last blog post on this model and blurted it out on the Bron Hebog Facebook page. (Have you 'liked' it yet?)

In the meantime Himself has begun work on the front end, building up the frame for the power unit and altering the water tank which has had to have its rivets filed off.

Here's the back view.

He's also begun tackling one of the trickiest bits of the kit - assembling the Walschaerts valve gear.

This picture shows one of the four sets joined together and, by way of illustration, the parts required laid out next to it.

What is does not show, as Himself pointed out to me in his email, is the patience required to put it together.



  1. Excellent progress on your Garratt (I love these Backwoods kits).
    One word of advice, you may want to change the filler cap. 138 and 143 were given an enlarged, rectangular cap when they were overhauled in South Africa.
    Other than that, excellent work!

  2. Don't worry, we were aware of that, however for the moment the round filler cap is fulfilling its duty covering the screw which holds in the tank in place. It will be replaced with a rectangular cover in due course. Thanks for the compliments.