Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bunker Shots

Himself has started on the bodywork of our new Garratt and the first task has been some modifications to the rear tank / bunker which has needed to be shortened at the front and the cut-outs at the back have had to be elongated.

Much to the disgust of the designer of the Backwoods kit, no doubt, the rivets have had to be filed off as this locomotive now has welded tanks fore and aft.

Because the front of the tank is shorter, the screws and lugs which attach it to the running plate can't be used so they have just been bent round to clip under the plate. This is to stop the front of the tank lifting up. The rear attachment is still the same.

The front tank will also require the rivets to be taken off and the cut out altered.

Here you can see it sitting on the rolling chassis with the connecting rod temporarily in place.

It's very exciting to see this 3rd NGG16 taking shape and I hope you're going to enjoy this detailed account of building one of these magnificent kits.

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