Monday, 23 June 2014

Last River Crossing

Back at the other end of the layout Himself has been busy making the last of the river bridges which is next to the top level crossing called 'Bron Hebog'.

These were replaced during the reconstruction of the line and cast in concrete with a cosmetic slate facing.

Himself tells me it was quite complicated to make.

This first photo looks as if it's finished but in fact it is just a snap of the dry run to ensure the pieces all fitted.

Here we can see the component parts laid out.

They are made from 3mm ply which is then faced with styrene sheet to replicate the concrete.

Here you can see the wing walls have been covered with Wills coarse stone sheet to represent the cut slate facing.

It'll look very effective once the Artistic Director has done this thing.

There is still a walkway to build on one side of the bridge and the railings will go on much later.

It will also need a little bit of stone walling to finish off the retaining walls at the back.

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