Sunday, 29 June 2014

Level Crossings

This is a busy section of track we're working on.

As well as crossing the river twice there are two occupational crossings of the same farm road to build.

This is the lower one, Cwm Cloch.

This was basically as far as the layout ran when we showed it at Super Power 2013 at Dinas. We had put down a basic covering of undergrowth but there were still details such as the crossing to be completed.

And once the trains have climbed around the big U bend, through the deep Cutting Mawr and passed over the river (again) they come to Bron Hebog crossing.

I like this next picture a lot because it really demonstrates how far the trains climb on their journey around the layout.

The shot is taken from 'behind' the layout. In fact the camera is sitting just at the entrance to the fiddle yard so this is not a view you're ever likely to enjoy at exhibitions.

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