Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Double Garage

The fourth of our Oberon Wood houses can now be declared complete with the double garage for number 24 completed.

The Artistic Director specified that this very much attached garage should be made as a separate structure. I'm not entirely sure why but I just do as I'm told.

It was very straightforward to assemble apart from the stone cladding on the end which required an evening scratching away with a dental implement.

Here you can see it posed in position next to the house.

Because the ground slopes away in front of the building there is a lot more wall visible at the bottom of the garage compared to the house which is why the house is balanced on a plastic drill box.

The plywood base for this house will be a split-level affair and there will be steps built up in front of the entrance porch and a sloping driveway up to the garage doors which extend well below ground level on the model.

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