Sunday, 1 June 2014

Onwards And Upwards

The top right hand corner has progressed in the last couple of days.

The upper section of track bed is now in place, teetering on its stilts. It climbs just as the real railway does all around the S bend.

The roadway has been added and the base for the continuation of the river bed has been cut out and placed in position but its height has not been set yet.

A flat area has also been set aside for Cwm Cloch farmhouse.

If you look closely in to top right of the shot at the edge you can just make out a cutaway which is where the abandoned PBSSR trackbed came in on the original proposed steep route into Beddgelert.

Stepping back to take this shot from the front of the layout gives a good impression of the depth of scene we're creating as well as the gain in height from the station.

I can't wait to see the first Garratt snaking its way all around the layout.

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