Monday, 5 October 2015

Bonus Bogies

There was a bit of a misunderstanding when my latest order of bogie frames was being etched.

As well as a fresh sheet of SAR bogie frets (to put in the kits destined for the FR shop)I also ordered the first production run of my new modern FR carriage bogies.

The first of these has been on test under our new Super Barn 119 and it ran very well on Bron Hebog at Dinas.

The bogie swing clearance is at its absolute limit on the curve into the fiddle yard at the Rhyd Ddu end but we can probably do something about that.

So we've decided to go ahead and order a whole sheet, which is roughly A4 size.

For whatever reason Steve (at Narrow Planet) received two sheets back from the etcher, with a total of 56 pairs of bogies.

That is far more than we will ever need so between us we've decided the best course of action is to keep half for ourselves and attempt to sell the rest as bogie kits.

This is why I have been preparing a master for a mould with four bogie frame castings on.

It it turns out OK I am going to try to cast around a dozen for him to take to ExpoNG later this month and see whether we can shift any.

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  1. Rob, oh I can see those selling very easily. Nice one :)