Sunday, 11 October 2015


So, the sum total of my efforts last week was six chimney sides for the farmhouse.

Not very impressive, I know.

If the truth be told I'm struggling to get the momentum going in this project again.

What has been built was against the deadline of having something vaguely presentable to fill the space on the layout at Super Power.

Then, upon our return, I had a fortnight of flat out kit casting which I'd held back on because of the need to prioritise on the exhibition.

So a month later I've lost my mojo a bit.

The temptation now is always to start something new. 

That would certainly provide an injection of enthusiasm but I do not want to end up being overwhelmed by half finished models, so I shall carry on the slow graft on this one.


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  1. A combination of post show come down and so forth . Perhaps best start a new project and come back to the farm house later Rob? Buildings can get a little boring to make after a while and you have done quite a few lately. Variety is the spice as they say....