Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How Does This Grab You?

One of the perennial problems with a layout as large as Bron Hebog is how to reach rolling stock which derails catastrophically beyond arms reach.

It hasn't happened to us yet, and the chances are diminished by the layout being mostly plain single track, but it's always a possibility.

This,  therefore, may come in very handy....

In case you're wondering, no, one of us has not been sentenced to community service, or had a rather drastic career change.

The explanation is that Himself has undergone something of an intermediate overhaul (fitting a new connecting rod in steam engine parlance) and this is his only means on picking objects up off the floor for the next wee while.

He'll soon be bending like a Garratt again but he does think it'll come in very handy should the worst happen in the middle of the S bend in the years to come.

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