Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Birthday Treat

Himself celebrated the start of his eighth decade this week and part of the celebrations included a ceremonial erection of Dduallt in its new home.

Around three weeks after moving in the railway room (nee garage) is sufficiently clear to enable him to use it for the purpose that he moved to the other end of the country for - somewhere to have space to work on projects and play trains at the same time!

At the moment it is just the scenic boards bolted together and mounted on trestles because we haven't decided on the best spot in the room for it.

Himself is also giving consideration to the possibilities of building a new single fiddle yard that runs along the back of the layout - as opposed to the two sitting at 90 degrees which we have at the moment - which would enable us to turn it into a continuous run, albeit with a rather fearsome ski slope connection between the two levels.

Time to find some envelopes to sketch on the back of....

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