Thursday, 24 March 2016

Dance Floor

At last the big day - or more accurately, night - where I can glue the bits of 121 together into a carriage-shaped box.

It always feels like a very significant moment in a carriage build, although there is a lot of work still ahead.

The first task was to add on the false frame behind and below the main body side.

The Tin Car bodies were mounted on ex-Isle of Man Railway frames which were very chunky affairs and are a key part of the 'look' of the carriages.

There are two ways of doing this. You can add sections to the bottom of the floor / chassis which fits up inside the body, or you can make them a fixed part of the body.

I've done both before and this time I opted for the latter.

You can also see from the picture the small blocks I've glued on ensure the body sits on the chassis to give the correct ride height.

With that done I could then bond the four bits together.

I've also cut out a blank floor / chassis  (Disco Car dance floor!) which is sitting inside the body - on top rather than underneath the mounting blocks - to help keep it square and straight.

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