Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Not Quite As I'd Planned

I had intended to put the ribbing on the sides of the carriage next but then I discovered a small stock-taking oversight.

Neither I nor Himself - who foolishly entrusted his stock of styrene strip to me during his house move - have any of the correct size strip for the job.

So while I wait for new supplies to arrive I'll have to find something else to get on with, so I've started work on the two ends.

The Tin Cars are market out by the windows in the ends which were put in to with a view towards the carriages eventually being used in push pull service - which this one was - so the driver could look back down the train.

The are also unusual in having a flat profile along the top due to the domes at each end of the roof so the basic structure is relatively simple to make.

Once the joints have set firmly I can curl the rim around the outer windows just like I did on the sides.

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