Thursday, 10 March 2016


We've taken another small step towards getting Himself back in business and transforming his double garage into a deluxe railway cave.

The other day with a team effort we managed to get his old workbench up on the wall.

(This is always an entertaining exercise when the wall in question is constructed of plasterboard sheet and you play many happy rounds of hunt the battens)

This folding board must be getting on for 35 years old now.

Originally it was mounted on my bedrooom wall to be a home for a Scalextric set.

Then it was commandeered as a handy surface to construct our first exhibition layout - a OO effort called Wickford - on.

When we moved house in the late 80's it was taken to the new place and reduced in size by about a third and put up in the garage where we used it to build both Dduallt and Bron Hebog.

It still comes in very handy when working on individual baseboards because it's much sturdier than mounting them on trestles, and of course you can easily rest the boards on their sides to get at their undersides.

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