Saturday, 8 October 2016

Meanwhile, On The Back Burner

I've got a number of what you might call 'long term projects'.

Models that I tell myself that one day I will get around to building.

And I will.

One day.

Among those is an ambition to build a model of the Statfold Barn Railway's Jung Mallet which visited the Welsh Highland a few years ago.

In a fit of enthusiasm for this project I went so far as to obtain what I hoped would be a suitable chassis from a Minitrix German N gauge locomotive.

Previously I'd only been able to test this on a 1 foot long length of track on the workbench and its performance seemed a little hesitant.

Not a dud, but perhaps needing some tender ministrations from someone a little more mechanically minded than myself - ie. Himself.

So last weekend while carrying out more clearance tests with 150 on Dduallt it occurred to me that it wouldn't do any harm to get this thing out of its box and let it stretch its legs properly.

On a proper run I was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly it ran.

In fact it has prodded me into thinking about whether I should bump the project up the 'To Do' list a little?

The difficulty is that I have yet to discover any drawings or obtain any information about the basic dimensions of the loco.

What's more, whereas previously the SBR was only an hour's drive from where one of us lived, now we are both 300 miles away from it so arranging a visit to run a tape measure over the real thing is a lot more of an undertaking.

This is probably the biggest obstacle to ever getting this off the wish list and onto the layout.

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  1. Try asking Ben Powell on the 009 Modelling group on Facebook - he is well connected to Statfold and has built his own No 9 so may be the source of information you need.