Thursday, 20 October 2016

Up Pompeii!

The other day I got a reminder of a time before Narrow Gauge.

It was something like the model railway equivalent of a paleontologist discovering a fossil from the moment the dinosaurs died out, or those plaster casts of the bodies buried in the ash at Pompeii.

Around a quarter of a century ago Himself was in the process of tarting-up an ancient Triang 'Hall'  with a Crownline detailing kit.

This is as far as the project got until work was suspended, never to be resumed.

My memory is a little hazy but I think it's likely that this was the moment a teenage me presented him with a Chivers kit for Conway Castle and the rest, as they say, is history.

We came across the half-finished Hall the other day while my youngest was rooting around in the crates of old 00 models kept in the garage - his favourite activity.

(As everyone else who appears in this blog has a nickname I propose that henceforth he is known as The Trainee.)

Back in those days Himself's modelling ambitions didn't extend much beyond detailing ready-to-run - a far cry from his Backwoods-building exploits of today.

The signs were there, if you looked, however.

If you were able, as he was, to make white metal MTK look half-decent than an NGG16 is a walk in the park by comparison!

Since discovering the Hall he's been making noises about trying to finish it off.

This is causing me some concern because he's also being nagged non-stop by The Trainee to build him a small 00 set so that he no longer has to be content with pushing things along on the carpet.

Could the wheel be turning full circle?

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