Sunday, 16 October 2016

Boxes & Cylinders

The slow process of finishing off 150 - at least the constructional part of it - continues with adding some representations of the various bits that lurk beneath it.

I've never been one for rivet counting nor for mimicking every bit of the brake gear because unless someone picks it up and turns it upside down, or you have a catastrophic derailment, no one is really going to see very much off what is going on under there, especially with carriages which sit as low as the FR's.

So what I'm aiming for is to create an impression of the main bits which are lurking there, and in the case of 150 the most obvious things, apart from the fuel tank and battery compartment, are the vacuum cylinders which are rather unusually set at an angle.

Even so, when it is running on the layout all you will see is the merest hint of their presence, and only them if you crouch down to rail level.

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