Thursday, 29 December 2016

Review Of The Year - Part 2

So here we go with a look back at the second third of 2016


It was only now, many months after I'd made it, that Himself got around to painting the model of the Cwm Cloch farmhouse, which in recent years has been spruced up with a rather natty duck egg blue shade on the render on the front extension.

I was trying - and usually failing - to keep up with the production of carriages at Boston Lodge Works by making up another set of superbarn resin castings to make a model of carriage 117.


With the bodyshell made I turned my attention to the interior of 117.

These days I have taken to casting the seats and tables from resin with some units which I designed to fit together in multiple so the seat backs and the table tops line up with the windows every time.

Himself returned from a holiday to find that in his absence the cat had been wandering around the house - and the garage - looking for comfy places to curl up to sleep.

Unfortunately one of them turned out to be the Up home signal on Dduallt!


Come the summer months I'd finally plucked up courage to tackle the most complicated FR carriage yet - the new observation car 150.

Himself was putting the finishing touches to the 'Disco Car' 121.

My client's exacting specifications included having the sliding light windows wide open as they always were to ventilate the carriage while the dancers were enthusiastically boogieing.


I'd chosen to cast the sides of 150 to give the model extra strength, and after pondering the issue for a while decided that the best solution for the curved end would also be to make a master using brass with a styrene skin, and then cast the production version too.

Of course, the real carriage 150 couldn't enter service until its partner Service Car 125 was, er, ready for service.

So I also began work on a model of that too, only this time it would be made entirely of styrene.

It's another very complicated carriage with the generator compartment door on one side and an inset staff access door on the other.

To be continued....

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