Friday, 9 December 2016

Shut Up

No, not you. I'm referring to the high security storage in the buffet area of Service Car 125.

The bit I've been working on is the full height shelves on the clock side at the Blaenau end of the carriage.

These can be covered up with roller shutters so I've decided to take the easy way out and model them in the closed position using pieces of clapboard styrene sheet.

The work tops in this carriage are worthy of note because they come up to the level of the horizontal bar about a quarter of the way up the window.

This is going to be interesting challenge because we need to paint the back of the glazing so from the outside it looks like it has a film on the glass but in the inside it needs to look like a wood panel.

We're going to have to give that one some thought....

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