Friday, 12 May 2017

Spy In The Sky

It's happened again!

Just when you're congratulating yourself on finishing a model some new information comes to light which, with a sinking heart, makes you realise you're going to have to pull it apart and rebuild it.

The model in this case is the latest of the houses I've built for the Oberon Wood scene.

I'd said all along that I was having to make an educated guess about what the back looked like, because I didn't have any pictures.

That was until this week when the renowned FR photographer Peter Johnson posted some aerial pictures from a helicopter trip he took along the route of the FR and WHR, and he has kindly given me permission to post one here.

For the first time I've got a fuzzy glimpse of what the back of this house looks like, and guess what?

Photo: P Johnson
For comparison here is the back view of the model I've just built.

As I wrote above, the detail on the picture is pretty grainy, but it is enough to see the rough outline.

The things I will need to change will be to extend one of the bedrooms upstairs and add a dormer window, remove the patio door on the ground floor and try and add an extension.

Fortunately because of the way I make these out of styrene it's usually possible to do a cut and shut job and disguise the joins.

Of course I could pretend I've never seen these pictures and just put it on the layout regardless, but I know it would just nag away at me.

Out with the scalpel then....

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  1. BTW Facebook compresses the pictures when uploaded so it might be worth asking Peter for the original photo as it will be better quality.