Monday, 8 May 2017

The List Grows

I'm in danger of developing serious backlog of carriages to be built - not for the first time, I might add.

The FR and the WHR have new carriages joining the fleet this summer and I will have to play catch-up later this year after I have made the missing house for the Oberon Wood scheme.

Himself took some snaps of 2047, the new WHR-sized saloon, stored in the new heritage shed last weekend.


The look of the carriages is synchronising so the the main difference between the WHR stock and the FR Superbarns is their size, and that they sit much higher on their bogies than FR carriages ever have.

I notice, of course, because I'm a self-confessed carriage spotter but I suspect the average passenger would not notice much difference between 2047 and 118 which is now in traffic on the FR.

Which is what those in charge intended all along, I suspect.

118 is probably what I will work on first because I have some castings for it sitting in a photo album on the shelf above my desk,

Why a photo album, you may be wondering?

It's the best way to make sure you keep them flat and don't lose them.


  1. To save building another house, which does not seem to be one of your favorite things anyway, how about just showing the land cleared off and the beginnings of a foundation? It would be quicker and add a little different interest to the scene.

  2. Eh? You do realise we're making a contemporary model of an actual location and the houses have been there for the best part of half a century?