Sunday, 11 June 2017

Rush Job

I know how frustrating it can be when there's one thing that's stopping you cracking on with a job so I felt an obligation to get the latest house to a stage where Himself could place it on the layout to fix all the other houses in position in the Oberon Wood scene.

During a couple of weeknight evening sessions I was able to make up the remaining walls and join them together to form the basic shell of the house.

Usually I do not add the foundation extension below the walls until I've finished off the roof but this time I've done that first so that he can see not just how big it is but also assess the height correctly.

While he's using it as a guide I'll use the time to catch up with Boston Lodge and make a start on Superbarn 118.

I already have the castings ready but they need to be cleared of flash and assembled into a carriage.

Once Himself has finished with the house I'll take it back off him and finish it off.

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