Tuesday, 22 August 2017

It's All About The Angles

Having cast a veritable avalanche of rock slabs for Himself to be getting on with I had a choice of what project to take on next.

The options are to try to play catch-up with the carriage works - always a lost cause - and make the latest of the WHR saloons, 2047, or I could get on with completing the housing estate scene by making the final two properties.

In the end I decided that with Himself doing well with the tree construction, and making a move towards lining the cutting, we are tantalisingly close to getting Bron Hebog to a point where you could sort of claim it was 'finished', so I plumped for the houses.

These two are slightly more straightforward than some of the others in the estate.

One of them is a pure bungalow and the other, which I'm starting on first, is another which is half on one level and the rest with an upper floor.

This one also has a garage attached which looks to have been partly converted into living accommodation.

Planning out these houses I find that the key to them is to establish the pitch of the roofs, then you can work out the width and the height of all the interconnecting sections.

Just to be sure that they will fit in the space that we have left for them in the scene I shall draw out both and cut out some floor plans first, and try those out on the layout, before I begin constructing them.

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