Thursday, 24 August 2017

Planning Permission

I'm very keen to get cracking on these last two houses for the estate scene and I've managed to get both of them drawn and cut out cardboard floor plans.

Yesterday on my way home from work I was able to pop in at Himself's and see whether they fitted into the space we've allocated for them.

(The novelty of just being able to 'pop in' and check out details like this has not worn off yet - previously I would have had to post the bits across the border and try to interpret the results from photographs.)

It looks like we've got it pretty much spot on, which is a tribute to the way the Artistic Director designed the the rest of the houses, and established the formula for the sizes of their component parts, which I have used as the template for drawing up the handful that remained to be done.

These two are also, by some margin, the simplest of the properties on the estate in terms of their shape.

There will be a little bit of empty space left at the very front edge of the board but there would only be room to model less that half of the houses which go there so we've decided it will look a lot cleaner, and neater just to leave it blank,

I shall begin cutting styrene very shortly.

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