Friday, 27 October 2017

Component Parts

I'm having a little pause between personal modelling projects.

I had a customer approach me a couple of months ago explaining how he'd seen some of the wagon kits I made up and painted for a friend on his South African-themed layout and asked if I could do the same for him.

I said I'd do it after I'd got the last of the houses for the layout built, which is why this week I've got the resin out and cast and cleaned up the parts for a couple of B wagons and a DZ.

Wagon-spotters will notice that this DZ is being done with the high sided ends which make them look a little like mini B wagons.

I think they look rather nice like that but in Wales the FR has been going through a process of fitting its own design of ends which are hinged and fold flat to form a bridge between wagons running together in a rake.

I also have a couple of brake vans to make as well.

Once these are done I'll be turning my attention back to the carriage fleet and making the latest WHR saloon 2047.

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