Monday, 23 October 2017

Plotting Out

Now the final house is finished - at least in construction terms - I've been able to place the pair of them in their rough positions on the layout.

So for the first time we can see how the completed Oberon Woods estate is going to look.

Those who know the estate intimately will realise that there are a couple of houses on the empty land nearest the camera, but there wouldn't be enough space for the entire buildings.

Therefore our choices were to model houses chopped in half or just pretend they were never there, so we've done the latter.

There's still a little more work required to locate the houses properly.

The piece of board they're sitting on here is just a temporary cover and sits on a slope.

It will have to be taken up and levelled-off so the houses sit at their correct elevation and the landscape can be built up around them.

It's quite a nice aerial view, don't you think?

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